project facelift

New Playground is now complete!
Phase 1 of Project Facelift is now complete and the children are very excited to have somewhere safe to play.
Playground sitting area
Sitting area for parents to converse with each other and at the same time keep a watchful eye on the children as they play.
All weather Table Tennis
Durable table tennis for the older children to do whilst their younger siblings/friends/family play on the swings/slide/and Carousel.
The view from the outside looking in
The playground is in full use and the children can be seen to be having fun and socialising.
Children's Swing
Whilst the children are playing on the swing and their mothers are sitting nearby, they can see and read some quotes collected from various sources. The aim is to inspire the children and their mothers to better their lives and provide educational inspiration.

The fundraising has started, you can help in many ways!

The project was presented to the residents of the "KATCHI BASTI" and their children for approval; they were very enthusiastic about the project and waiting for its realisation. Support us to Support them, there are many way to show your support, but financial support is the key.

Project updates

Phase 1 – Playground

Why a Playground Having moved back to Pakistan, Mr. Niazi was taken aback with the size of the basti, its terrible conditions for the children, especially when they were outside their homes, and where they played. The area where these children play is not safe, clean and worst of all, its full of de
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sanitation facilities

Phase 2 – Sanitation facilities

We propose to create Male and Female sanitation facilities, for the “KATCHI BASTI” residents who live at the end of the street, where some do not have proper sanitation facilities at their houses. Currently there exists what one could call “Sanitation facilities” however, upon closer ins
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Library with internet facilities

Phase 3 – Library & Internet facilities

We propose to create a library, which would also have internet facilities, for the folks from the basti. Enabling the children and mothers to engage with books, information and IT, helping them gain key skills and at the same time, make them IT literate, something that would usually be beyond them a
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How to support this cause

  • Financial support

    We welcome all remuneration, but please provide this aid via the bank details below.
    ABNAMRO Bank:
    Acc. no.
  • Manpower

    We need the following volunteer services:
  • Hardware & Furnishings

    As we build phase 2 & 3, we will need aid in the form of:
    • 3 LAPTOPS
    • 1 TV
  • Playground Maintenance

    There is a need for the playground to be maintained as well as providing some advice to the basti folk of how to maintain the playground and gardens; more specifically we are looking for:
  • Help, advice & mentoring

    We welcome support via any help, advice and also mentoring the people of the basti, your experience is invaluable and thus something that is welcomed by all.


  • I am supporting this project, not only because its for a good cause, but also due to the fact that in life, we must always help those less fortunate than ourselves. I am very keen to see this project with its 3 phases succeed.

    I must admit, I am very excited with the progress of the project, especially as Phase 1, was completed on time, to budget and specifications. You can see from the pictures that it looks fantastic, and the children love it as do the parents, the next 2 phases shall really make a difference not only to the children but the parents, local community and us, who are supporting them. I look forward to helping out in any capacity that I can.

    Mr. Rahim Haji, CEO of Webtrendz
  • What great progress, I recall having a "little chat" with Amir 11 months ago regarding his ideas of how to improve the quality of life for the children and their parents.

    So 11 months on, I can see real progress being made and the smiles on the children's faces is just reward for me, I am very keen to help Amir realise his dream and one that I now share with him and the others that have supported the building of the playground.

    Mr. Chris Meeten, Director at The Uniform Studio
  • I have been involved with this project from its offset, and must commend the work carried out on Phase 1 and its successful completion.

    It is a real pleasure to help those less fortunate, and see the smiles on the children's faces, in such a short period of time, Mr. Niazi and his team have made wonderful strides in achieving the set project goals.

    To see it today as I have, completed, clean, useable and fun, is a testament to all the work, effort and manpower put in by those involved with the project. Well done all.

    Mr. Imran Qayyum
  • I am very proud of my friend Amir Niazi for starting such a project, it shows the type of man he is that, he is willing to dedicate so much time, effort and resources to making this project a success.

    The devotion to the cause shown by Amir to the people of the basti is fantastic to see, but what brought a tear to my eye was the lovely comments and effection showed by the people and children of the basti to Amir, you can see this for yourself in the photos from the ceremony and also the letters written by the basti folk. Well done all, well done!

    Mr. Younus Sheikh, Director at Bestway